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3--11-2011: Dear Comrade, Welcome back on this site . Some technical issues kept us at bay the interaction. Comrade President and C/S attended CWC at Jabbalpur on 19th and 20th October, 2011. It was a marvelous gathering and all comrades from nook and corner of the Country attended. The issues pertaing to vibility for BSNL were thread and bear discussed including ITS absorption and VRS.

29-4-2011: Interaction meeting with all executive asspciations was held by worthy CGMT J&K Circle in the conference hall in Circle Office at Jammu and briefed development plans in different sections and declared net 10 corore profit in last finacial year. He stressed the need to improve the customer service further, augumentation of call centre for Land Lines and Broadband, increasing bill receiving and bill payment service centres, improvement in CDR working by dividing in L1 for SSA and L2 for Circle for fault rectifications. Break up of total revenue received last year i-e Apprx 56 % from mobile, 20 % land line and othe assoiciated services, 6% from CDMA ( IVRS not availible ), 11 % IUC , 6.5 % from Broad Band and 1% from Leased Lines.He stressed the need that focus of future paln to improve the services in Urban and rural areas of Land Line, broad band, mobile ,WLL further , but also to improve the services in remote areas substantialy so that customers across the state enjoy the BSNL Services almost at the same level. JAC AWARENESS WEEK FROM 18-4-2011 TO 24-4-2011 thereby ,responcibilities under took by our association for Customer Delight month from 1st May 2011 to 30th May,2011 for achieving targets listed like zero land line, OFC, Broadband, leased line, BTS Faults, zero pending work orders, visiting Customer premisis for new services with demonstrations, proper up keep of power palnts/ batteries,srapping materials, punctualitymanninig of Customer 0900 hrs to 2000 hrs on all days, publicity for our products, each employee getting two customers, save electicity and weekly review progress were circulated in the meeting and assured Worthy CGMT J&K our full co-operation in this regard..

28-4-2011: Stay for stopping of SDA 12.5% to executives under All India Liability in J&K except Ladhakh has been given by Honourable High Court Jammu on 28-4-2011.

21-4-2011: C/S, ACS HQ and D/S Jammu met Worthy CGMT J&K Circle regarding some of the sissues like local/ outside J&K trasfer orders , Transfer Of Mr MALHOTRA SDE, Reshem Lal DE,Mr A. Chawla Curtailments of Vehicles on reasonable grounds, vacating of hired accomdation on same yard stick, relieving of surplus STS/JAG/SAG , ANOMOLY CASES, curtaiment of expenditure not at the cost of opearational needs, points for upgradations / officiating, rationalisation of staff etc were discussed and on spot decisions were taken on reasonable grounds by worthy CGMT J&K Circle.

19-4-2011: 12.5% SDA vide corporate office letter no 39-8/2001-PE-II (PT) Dated 19-4-2011 and endorsed by CGMT J&K Circle vide letter no 904-20/Estt/VI/72 Dated 19-4-2011 has been stopped to all executives under All India Transfer catogory in J&K except Ladhakh region. A strong resentment was shown by the comrades nd same was conveyed to Worthy CGMT J&K Circle.

6-4-2011: Worthy CGMT J&K Circle had a colourful press meet in Jhelum Resorts at Jammu quoting inspite of fury of flash floods in Leh , provision of Mobile services to Shri Amarnath Yatra up to Holy cave , still BSNL J&K Circle revitalised GSM Prepaid services , number of connections given during the last financial year as prepaid 3,96,683, post paid 35,575, Land Line 11,123 , WLL 11,591 and Broadband 11,720. Additional capacity availible for providing connections Land Line 1.6 Lac , GSM 4.5 Lac , WLL 1 Lac Broad band 30 thousand. While moving forward , year 2011-12 will be year of consolidation for BSNL in J&K with regard to better sevice satisfaction and expansion of customer base with additional installation of 170 towers. Targets for 2011-2012 have already been assigned. Present as on 31st March 2011 are LAND LINE: 2,16,149,GSM : 7,51,092, WLL :82,340 and Broad Band :34,065.

28-2-2011: Joint forum has approached CGMT J&K Circle for minimum 25% cut in provisioning of hired vehicles, phase wise vacating of rented buildings to BSNL accomdation and relieving of extra SAG/JAG/STS level officers posted in BSNL J&K. Worthy CGMT J&K Circle has agreed in sprits to curb the operational expenditures and increase the revenue of BSNL.

18-2-2011:President and C/S met GM Finance Jammu regarding shortage of funds and particularly impact on the routine maintenance of equipment .As per GM Finance Jammu very less funds have been allotted by Corporate Office ND , case is already taken up by HOC J&K and SOME TEMPERARY SOLUTION IS UNDER WAY.

17-2-2011: President, C/S, D/S and AGS met GMTD Jammu and discussed some important issues being matter of concern i-e proper interface of Customer Care Nodes in SSA Jammu , MNP status, transparient transfer policy, Heavy penality imposed on CAF related issues by TERM Cell , allotment of accomdation and renovation of Inspection Quarters. GMTD Jammu assured for remodling of Customer care, renovation of IQs, letter to TERM Cell J&K to resolve CAF related issues, formation of COMMITTEE for checking the port in and port out grievances of Customers and stremling of tranfer policy.GMTD Jammu showed a lot of concern for fall in land line connections which needs to be strongly addressed.

9-2-2011 :CS,AGS1 AND AGS2 met CGM J&K CIRCLE ON 9-2-2011 at 1530 HRS:The agenda of the meeting was discussed pertaining to transparient transfer policy, formation of high level commitee to monitor MNP issues,proper CAF management system to stop enormus penalties imposed by TERM cell, resolution of pay anomaly cases of some comrades and other issues. It was assured by worthy CGMT J&K that action will be taken on merit.He also suggested that all the officres/ officials in BSNL should work in co ordination to improve the efficiency of telecomm services in J &K.

1-2-2011 :ENHANCEMENT OF SUBSCRIPTION: As per decision of representative council of 3rd AIC held at Kolkata, Subscription (Union Fee) enhanced to Rs. 50/- from Rs. 30/- per member per month with effect from the month of January 2011. Out of Rs. 50/-, Rs. 10/- for AIC fee, Rs. 20/- for Chq quota, Rs. 10/- for Circle quota and Rs. 10/- for Branch quota. Collectors are requetsted to collect susbcription (Union Fee) of Rs.50/- per member/month wef. January 2011.

29-1-2011 : An interaction meeting was held at 1600 hrs of all the Executive Associations with Management under the chairmanship of worthy CGMT J&K Circle. In the opening note , CGMT J&K Circle briefed about the revenue realization in different segments like CDMA, Wire lines, Broad Band, GSM, PCOs, VPTs, IUC, Leased Circuits etc in J&K for last three quarters which showed only 7% profitability that is far below than last year. Except Broad Band , all segments showed less income in comparison to last year with wire line at the bottom most. The revenue showed deficit of 60 corers compared to last year. Broad band disconnections were more in Srinagar. Bharti infratel pattern mtce for BTSs is to start from 1st March, 2011 in main cities of J&K in first phase. More emphasis was made on the recoveries of pending bills, CAF management to be streamlined and support from all corners to get BSNL out of financial crunch. Our associations stood to curtail expenditures on TAX like the approach adopted by Kerala Circle, Purchase of EVDO Cards for BTS, implementation of Project Shikhar which has some reservation from management due to shortage of staff, stopping inflow of unwanted equipments, Streamlining of CAF management, vacation of rented buildings, improvement in landline services, Commercialization of VPN/ CUG/ Central IN group, good interface of CSC N/W, time increase in cash counters etc. Two demonstration were shown. 1) Regarding Self Care portal in CDR system available to all Landline customers for all services including usages etc in to get all facilities which needs personal expertise and maximum publicity 2) Development of software for J&K BTS INFORMATION SYSTEM SITE available in with proper usr/ password for getting all BTS related information.

15-1-2011 : AIBSNLEA J&K Circle wlcomes Sh P.Abhmaneyoo General Secretary AIBSNLEU CHQ New Delhi in city of Temples Jammu as JAC constituent. We are thankful to AIBSLEU J&K Circle for the invitation extended to our association to share the dias and felicitation thereof.We got highly impressed by the maiden speech delivered by the Chief Guest not only for the achievements for wage revision, 30% fitment, arers , promotion policy, weightage to our C&D employees but the viability of BSNL for our survival. All are committed to work hard and get BSNL out of financial crunch.

10-1-2011 :BSNL Corporate office issued letter regarding Transfer and posting of Executive s [AGM/DE] in the Telecom Operation Stream in which three officers of J&K have been included for posting out of J&K to their choice.

3-1-2011:Approval from competant authority has been received for provision of trade union fascillity to our association vide letter no 941-35/Estt/2005/35 Dated 3-1-2011 after elections on 9th and 10th November, 2010.


31-12-2010: President, C/S and B/S Jammu attended AIC Calcutta. Delegation fee Rs 1000/ for one delegate, Conference fee of Rs 5000/ and CHQ quota up to December, 2010 were cleared for all SSAs except Srinagar cleared up to March 2010.All points like increase of Zone of consideration for promotions to dilute rule206/1966 issue , DPCs for JAO TO AO, AO TO CAO, CAO to DGMs, JTO to SDEs,SDE to Adhoc STS , regularisation of Adhoc STS ,promotion from STS to JAG, civil and electric promotions and regularisation of LCDE examination with grace marks,PA and PPS issues for wage parity, shortage of staff in J&K particularly 53 SDEs , rectt of JTOs from J&K,Pay Anomoly cases in STS, Clarification for implementation of same orders of one year in J&K also who had come in J&K for two years from the date of issuance orders as done in NE Circles,extra expenditures incurred on TACs , Financial viability issues, seniority to be regulised on merits for all comrades as done for 54 STS through Honble Supreme Court, relieving of officers immediatly from other circles to support comrades who completed tenures in J&K,Reservation Quota to be applied as per the standing guidlines to avoid court cases, pension as per IDA pay scales etc. A colourful, mighty , IT based representations in AIC concluded after elections for new CHQ office bearers for 2011-2013 and valuable speeches on viability of BSNL delevered in open session Dtd 31-12-2010 by Worthy CMD , Sr GM Dev Corporate Office ND, Mr Batachariya C/S SNEA ,Mr Koshik G/S TEAM MTNL, Mr Bagchi Retired MTNL, Mr Lambodari Convener JAC, all CGMs of Kolkata and West Bengal from all faculities and others.

20-12-2010: Special casual leave is sanctioned by Circle Office J&K to Sh Fayaz Ahmed Kaul (PRESIDENT),Sh R.J.KAW (C/S),Sh Sunil parimoo (ACS) DE A/T, Sh Jeet Singh ACS Skc (DE Installation Mobile) Srinagar,Sh Thappa D/S Jammu and Sh Masoodi D/S Jammu to attend AIC at Calcutta w-e-f 29th Dec . 2010 to 1st January,2011.All are requested to get resolutions passed through respective branches for burning issues to be discussed at AIC. C/S has prepared the C/S report in power point for demonstration at Calcutta.

14-12-2010: ACS H/Q Mr Parimoo and ACS Jammu Mr I.K..Kochey attended meeting on behalf of United Forum on request of GM(Admn) BSNL Jammu for finalisation of JTO transfer policy in J&K. The meeting concluded after the suggession was put by AIBSNLEA to dicide the strategy among the executive associatios before arriving at a conclusion which will be submitted to Management.

13-12-201o:c/S, ACS H/Q, D/S Jmt and CWC member met CGMT J&K Circle for some over due transfer issues and other issues towards the growth of BSNL. CGMT J&K Circle assured that all cases will be considered on merits and sincere efforts are required by the Executives and non-executive associations / unions to motivate work force to work honestly and sincerly for good finacial returns.

9-12-2010:C/S, ACS H/Q , D/S and CHQ office bearer met CGMT J&K Circle and discussed at length regarding some resolution points adopted in the Representative Council of 3rd Circle Conference of AIBSNLEA J&K Circle held on 9th and 10th November,2010 in Jammu.

4-12-2010: AIBSNLEA J&K was struck by a huge tragedy, Comrade Om Prakash lost his 23 yrs old son in a tragic accident on the night of 3rd December,2010 .The Association mourns the sad demise & conveys its deepest condolences to Com.Om Prakash SDE Installation Mobile Jammu & the bereaved members of his family for this greatest loss. Comrades of AIBSNLEA J&K throughout the state sincerely pray to the almighty to give Comrade & his family members sufficient courage to meet this irreparable loss of life.

2-12-2010: Strike call has been deffered .J&K registered nearly 100% participation on JAC call , whereas brave Comrades of AIBSNLEA from Jammu, Srinagar, Udhampur, Rajouri and Leh participated one and all in strike, thereby upholding the pride and prestige of our beloved Organization in J&K . We salute and thank all Comrades across the association and union lines for observing the call of JAC in a highly spirited, disciplined and committed manner.

30.11.2010:C/S,AGS and D/S met GM (A) Circle Office, J&K regarding some resolutions adopted in Circle Conference held on 9th and 10th November,2010 and discussed. Copy was given for implementation.

18.11.2010:AIC notification 2. Pre-AIC CWC 3. Reception Committee circular To the attention of our SSA Secretaries and Circle Office Bearers: Dear Comrades! For participation in the AIC we have to plan well in advance to elect delegates from your SSAs and you have to book the tickets now itself. The details of the delegates, quote remitted, Date of arrival to Kolkatta and departure from Kolkatta after AIC have to be intimated to the Circle Secretary. The details necessary as required by the Reception Committee have to be submitted to the Reception Committee through E-mail in the XL format. Please start your work from now on and we will contribute to the level best for the success of the conference. There need to elect one delegate for 30 members. We will prove that we grow in J&K as a force to be reckoned with.Arrange to conduct GB meetings and elect Delegates. Pass resolutions on issues and our future tasks to submit before the AIC.

16.11.2010: EID-UL-AZHA Mubarak to all the BSNL employees and their families . We wish this day bring prosperity, happyness and peace to all mankind in the Globe with showers of blessings from Hishighness.

11.11.2010: Third circle conference of AIBSNLEA J&K was held on 9th and 10th November,2010 in City of Temples Jammu. In first half session on 9th November 2010,besides the hosting of flag by President , the introduction of all the members who had come from every nook and corner of state , silence in memory of departed souls and other points as per program and agenda were taken. The deliberations were held on organizational and other viability related issues. The discussions were held in democratic and congenial atmosphere and it was resolved that every body will strengthen the organization which in turn will help in strengthening the BSNL. In the afternoon, a delightful and impressive session was started with cultural programe depicting Jammu and Kashmir culture in Abhinav Theater , the historical theater of Jammu. In the open session , Sh R.K.Kaul Worthy Chief general Manager J&K Circle was the chief guest, honoured and felicitated on his promotion as CGMT J&K Circle. Sh B.D. Garg GM (A) Circle office, Sh Sandeep Srwakar GMTD Jammu , Sh S.K. Kaul GM Fiannace , Sh Neeraj Goel Chief Engineer Civil and Sh A.K.Gupta Chief Engineer Electric J&K and other DGMs from various faculities from administration were guests of honour. Sh Prahlad Rai Beloved General Secretary , Sh Satish Kumar Organising Secretary North and representatives from all other associations ,unions and retirees unions were also guests of honour . Viability of BSNL was main focus of the discussion. A welcome address was delivered by Sh P.C. Thappa D/S Jammu. It was followed by inaugural address by Sh Fiyaz Koul , President who stressed the need for unity among all to fight for the real cause. An impressive and vibrant address on viability on BSNL was delivered by Comrade Sunil Parimoo. He asked the members not to get panicky but to concentrate on result oriented work and adapt themselves to the changed external environment. It was followed by the key note address of Sh R.J.Kaw C/S who highlighted all the organizational and other viability points that were discussed during the sesasion.GM(A) stressed for the growth of BSNL through dedication and by motivating the staff. GMTD Jammu stressed on the need to initiate the actions rather than discussions only. Chief Engineer Civil stressed that BSNL expertise can be outsourced to other deptts for earning the revenue . Sh S.K.Kaul GM Finance showed the confidence that BSNL will bounce back to healthy position. Beloved General Secretary in his impressive speech touched all the aspects of BSNL right from corporate office to Circles and also of each unit i-e Engineering, accounts, electric, civil , official language officers , PA and PSS etc. His long firebrand speech of two hours enthused enthusiasm in the audience. The large gathering of Executives, representatives of all other associations and unions lauded applause a number of times during the address of general secretary. CGMT J&K Circle in his address stressed for cohesive and comprehensive coordinated work culture in J&K circle. He also emphasized on the roll of marketing strategy and business plans that can improve the growth and revenue. He delighted the house by informing that J&K Circle is a profitable Circle.The session concluded by felicitating Retirees ( retired after 2008 ) with mementos .The dignitaries on the dais specially Sh R.K. Kaul who had recently joined on promotion as CGMT J&K , were felicitated with a token of love at this occasion. The open session due to its healthy , democratic and well managed atmosphere lasted upto 10 PM in the night. The vote of thanks were given by Sh M.A. Masoodi D/S Srinagar. The stage was managed by dynamic and composed comrade Sk R.K.Boni DGM finance and he was assisted by Sh Bodh Raj Bhagat DE Satellite, the sefless workers in the association. On 10th November, 2010 an interaction meeting was held between general secretary and delegates in Premier Hotle Jammu wherein General Secretary replied to the specific queries raised by the representative Counsel. It was followed by unanimous elections conducted by Senior Comrade Sh T.K.kaul as Chairman and assisted by Sh M.L.Fotedar Xen electric in cordial and comradeship atmosphere . Sh Fayaz Koul CAO was elected as President, Sh R.J.Kaw DE Mobile was elected as Circle Secretary , Sh Sunil Parimoo DE T&D as ASCS, Sh M.K.Kaul AO as financial Secretary. The conference was concluded after vote of thanks conveyed to worthy GS and organizing Secretary(north)by representative Council for their hectic, un-tirable and effective coordination.

05.11.2010: The circle conference is convened on 9th and 10th November 2010. All members are requested to attend open session in at 1600 Hrs in Abnav Theater Jammu. In case of any dificulty , they can contact Sh P.C. Thappa D/S Jammu on mobile no 9419120505.

04.11.2010: Wish HAPPY DIWALI to all the BSNL Employees and their families.

03.11.2010:Special Casual leave for some delegates have been sanctioned by Worthy CGMT J&K Circle vide letter no 941-35/Estt/2009/25 Dated 3-11-2010. All other ex-officio members of CEC J&K are requested to come Jammu on their own casual leave for 9th and 10th November,2010 for smooth functioning of the conference.

30.10.2010:An interaction meeting of all executive associations was held in the CGMT's Conference room where CGMT J&K Circle chaired the meeting.Viability of BSNL was the focus of discussion .Payment of tax under rules, implementation of project Shikar,Invariable huge difference in Inventory and Work in progress in CSD , Comparatively less revenue compared to last year till date which is assured to grow, reconfiguration of BTS sites and proper management of CAFs to avoid penalities were points of discussions. Worthy CGMT J&K Circle stressed for better customer services through CCNs,curtailment of unwanted expenditures, strengthen marketing, cordinated efforts through BSNL Staff etc to make it profitiable.

27.10.2010:Special leave for all CEC members and Branch Secretaries have been sanctioned vide CGMT office letter no 941-35/Estt/2010/23 Dated 27-10-2010 and sanction for Branch Presidents and Delegates are awaited.

18.10.2010: With deep regret it is to inform that our veteran corade Sh V.K. Magloo Sr SDE PTTC Bantalab is no more with us. We pray almighty to bestow peace to departed soul and courage to family members to bear this irrepairable loss.

11.10.2010:C/S. D/S and other comrades met Worthy CGMT J&K circle in his chamber and congratulated him on his new assignment. We assured our full cooperation and discussed some issues pertaining to viability of BSNL.

11.10.2010:Notification for holding pre CEC and III Circle Conference J&K on 9th and 10th November, 2010 has been issued.

09.10.2010:Sh R.K. Koul PGM Mobile J&K has taken over as CGMT J&K Circle.AIBSNLEA J&K Circle congratulated him and wished success all the way on assumption of new charge for healthy and vibrant BSNL with full cooperation from our comrades.

07.10.2010:A general body meeting Jammu branch was held at the terrace of Main Exchange Building Trikuta Nagar. The large gathering of executives of composite nature were apprised about the delebrations and decisions held in CWC Goa. The seasoned and knowledgeable leader Com Suniel Parimoo besides others in their vociferous address urged executives across the association lines to adopt " GO TO MARKET APPROACH " to regain the market share, instead of wasting time in merely discussing the market shares of BSNL.

07.10.2010: AIBSNLEA J&K had courtsey call with Mr N.N.Gupta after relenquishing the charge as CGMT J&K Circle and congratulated and wished him all the best and prosperous life on his likly promotin as ED Corporate Office ND.

04.10.2010: C/S and D/S Jammu met GM (A) Circle Office J&K and discussed some issues pertaining to transfers , Upgradations and personal issues.

1.10.2010:Holding of Circle Conference and pre CEC on 9th and 10th November, 2010 has been decided.All CEC members and Branch Secretaries / Presidents are requested to hold branch meetings to adopt resolutions in the form of suggessions for Viability of BSNL in addition of HR issues for healthy BSNL setup.

18.09.2010: C/S and Sh R.L.Matoo DE met GM (admin) Circle Office J&K for immediate settlement of long pending anomoly of left over 18 SDEs arisen due to 5th Pay Commission where Juniors are getting more pay than seniors.A committee has been framed under the chairmanship of Mr Satia DGM Planning Circle office along with two other members who will decide over the matter on 20th September, 2010.

15.09.2010:D/S, O/S, C/S and Mr Parimoo met GMTD Jammu and discussed the issues pertaining to transparient transfer policy, accomdation for AIBSLEA J&K as prevalent with other executive associations, strengthening of Call Centre at Bantalab, Implementation of Project Vijay at war footing etc. A postive responce was shown by GMTD Jmt and decisions were taken on spot.

06.09.2010:All India BSNL Executives’ Association (AIBSNLEA) is extending its solidarity and moral support to the CPSUs Unions Strike on 7th September 2010.

03.09.2010: A meeting was held by C/S and D/S Jammu with GM(A) ,Circle Office at Jammu regarding some transfer issues. The transfer of Sh Sudesh Gupta SDE (A), Sh Manohar Lal DE (CAF) Skc and R. L.Bhat SDE (C) Skc were discussed . 18 cases have been sent to corporate office for santion to implement order for those falling between one and two year intervening sanctions.Regarding orders for comrades to be transferred out side circle , reminder for clarification on one year tennure issued Dated 24th March,2010 from corporate office is still awaited and G/S taking the issue with worthy CMD in a short time.

01.09.2010:c/s, Sh R.K.Boni DGM(F), Sh Suniel Parimoo Senior Member DE T&D and Ramesh Lal SDE held meeting with worthy CGMT J&K Circle and apprised him regding the resolutions adopted in CWC GOA and their implementation concerning to our Circle. A positive responce with solution to the problems , curtailment of wastful expenditures, procedure for group management system, roll of manager, interpersonal relationship ,restructuring and responcibility for BSNL conversly for one self , united approach, self driven responcibility to work for efficient services in BSNL etc were explained by Worthy CGMT J&K Circle.Some local touching issues and feed back regarding transformations for better services could not be discussed and deffered for next meeting.

31.08.2010:A general body meeting of Udhampur Branch was held to brief about the delebrations held at CWC GOA on 17th and 18th August,2010. C/S , Divisional Secretary Jammu and Sh Suniel Parimoo Senior member attended the meeting. Members were apprised about the message given by Worthy CMD for all efforts to be made by employees to bring beloved PSU back on the profitable track by reducing expences, high quality services to customer under MNP plan, immediate fault rectification, identifying areas of strength and weakness, use of capacity to our adventage, using all bandwidths of different N/Ws for profitable sale, sit together and discuss, value added services, impriove market services, ensure retail chain function properly etc. In the meeting , the CCN at prime location in Udhampur , customer service through single window system, 16 link connectivity between Batote to Doda better mobile services, UHF between Beoli and Patnitop were points of discussion for implementation. The office bearers also visited TDM Udm for ascertaing the shortcommings in Mobile and VPT services for remidial measures.All the members were present and discussed all the issues.

27.08.2010:A general body meeting of Srinagar branch was held under the chairmanship of Prsident J&K Circle and apprised about the CWC held at GOA on 17th and 18th August,2010.

19.08.2010: The 3rd meeting of the Central Working Committee of the AIBSNLEA was held on 17th & 18th of August 2010 at Hotel Marinha Dourada, Goa. Circle President and Circle Secretary J&K attended the meeting. Flag hosting ceremony was held at 9.30 hours.An open session was held during at 11.30 hrs with Cultural programme of Traditional dances of Goa have been performed. CMD Sh. Gopal Das was the chief guest. We expressed our full support under the leadership of Sh. Gopal Das, CMD BSNL. We requested to resolve the issue of 78.2% IDA fitment benefit and give justice to BSNL employees. The issues taken up from J&K Circle as under : 1) Issuance of transfer orders for all comrades who have completed one year in Kashmir Valley irrespective of date of effect of issuance of orders from corporate office.2)Some officers in NTR J&K who got promotion in STS Adhoc to be retained in NTR Jammu only against the diverted posts as done in other circles .3)Transfer Orders should be issued within one year from Corporate office ND and officers be relieved immediatly after completion of one year.4)Special package for property loss of Leh employees and BSNL Equipment due to mudslides and cloud burst.5) Release of promotion list for leftover DPC for DGM and JAO posts. 6)DPC for Electrical and Civil from SDE to EE after modification in BSNLRR .7) Project Vijay, Project Udhan and Project Kuber should be seriously taken for the viability of BSNL with full support by all BSNL Employees.

12.08.2010:We make a fervent appeal to our members throughout the state to fully utilise all opportunities to place our beloved Company on a sound financial platform. This assurance should come from each member who will burn midnight oil to achieve the set targets and we should mean it and take it as a great challenge. We will definitly come up to the expectations.This is the time that we have to give our very best to the Organization and not stop till goal is reached.

11.08.2010: Disaster management committee meeting under the chairmanship of Sh N.N.Gupta worthy CGMT J&K Circle continued and some importat decisions like opening of community Kitchen with free food, release of HRA for officers who lost their Quaters in Mudslides, Clearance of mud from Tecnical building, revival of trasmission N/W on alternate route, revival of landline xge, opening of STD PCOs, WLL BTS and satellite station etc were taken as top most priorities.10 DSPTs and four V- SAT have already been made operational.

09.08.2010:A great tragedy struck at Leh with huge loss of life and property. BSNL Xge, Transmissin room including Satellite equipment washed away. All BSNL employees had miraculous escape.Disaster management committee was constituted under the Chairmanship of Sh R.K.Koul Worthy acting CGMT J&K Circle in which C/S AIBSNLEA J&K Circle is also the member.Rescue operation and revival of BSNL communication was the top priority.30 VSATs, 35 DSPTs, Six E/A sets , Exge Equipment , DROP wire and all other necessary equipments, Tents, free food, sleeping bags,arragements for lifting of BSNL families back to destinations,replacement of mobile phones for lost ones during cloud burst, free accomdations etc , GM (NWP-CM) & DGM(NPW-CFA)with three tecnical teams for Leh to assist BSNL staff at Leh for rescue operation . This all was done under the dynamic leadership of Sh R.K.Koul worthy Acting CGMT J&K Circle in cordination with Worthy CMD , Director (O&M), GM (Pers) and other officers of corporate office BSNL ND and communication on BSNL N/W was established.All care was taken by worthy CGMT J&K for welfare and safty of staff at Leh in consultation with Army Head Quarters and other agencies.

6.08.2010:All the BSNL Employees had miraculous escape in Ligtening strike which struck BSNL Leh Exchange in the mid night today, however,all Mobile, Satellite and Xge equipment is damaged in Main Leh Exchane town.

4.08.2010:Special Casual Leave for President and C/S has been sanctioned to attend CWC at GOA on 17th and 18th August,2010 vide CGMT J&K Circle letter no 941-35/Estt/2009/17 Dated 4-8-2010.

2.08.2010: All the comrades (25+1) whose DPC was held for Adhoc to Regular ,are cleared for VC also as per VO J&K and details submitted 20 days back to corporate office and no case is pending.

31.07.2010: Congratulations! History Created promoting 2710 (1679+1031) SDEs to DE (Adhoc).AIBSNLEA's untiring & consistent efforts yielded result in getting released the promotion order of 1031 SDE(T) to DE(Adhoc) [ OC: 781(Upto Seniority no. 16746, SC: 166 (Seniority no. 17198.277 & ST: 84 (upto Seniority no. 27686): Total 1031]. AIBSNLEA J&K got posts diverted to J&K to accomdate all comrades in their own circle in conyance with beloved General Secretary ,worthy CGMT J&K Circle and GM (A)J&K Circle. We are extremely thankful to General Secretary. AIBSNLEA's efforts will continue to get regularization of about 2700 DEs(Adhoc) before 15th August'2010. Efforts have been made to accommodate DEs on promotion to their same Circle or nearby Circle.Re-allotment orders also approved, soon it will be uploaded. Comrades who have completed one year tenure are in active consuideration of transfer back to their choice of station and officers who are outside J&K and want to serve Kashmir after promotion will be retained in Kashmir after discussons held with GM (A) J&K Circle.

14.07.2010:Case of NTR Comrades have also been discussed with CGM NTR ND, GM NTR Chandigrah and DGM NTR Jalandhar. The cases for their repitration back to J&K Circle has been approved and forwarded to Corporate office or retention in NTR in J&K Circle under diverted posts is also in active consideration.

14.07.2010:Orders were issued vide CGMT J&K LETTER NO 803-2/2010/SRT/10 Dated 15-7-2010 for left over promoting DEs after modification in their orders by Corporate office ND to their choice of places IN J&K. Com Durga Malleshwar Roa and Sh D.M.K. Prasad presently in SKC have been allotted AP as approxtly 5 DE are still in excess of sanction strength in J&K .

14.07.2010:General body meeting of Jammu Branch was held to highligt the issues of NTR J&K for retaining officers in J&K on diverted posts due to shortage of staff in NTR. Resolution was sent to CGMM NTR with copy to GM NTR , DGM NTR and GS CHQ.

7.07.2010:Cases of NTR J&K for transfer to parent J&K circle were taken up with GM NTR Chg and CHQ New Delhi. All representations were forwarded to CHQ ND.

5.07.2010:Central Working committee meeting of AIBSNLEA will be held at GOA on 17th and 18th August,2010. All the branch secretaries are requested to discuss the issues pertaing to organisational set up and viability of BSNL as an agenda for CWC meet.

3.07.2010: Discussed the issue with GM (A) Circle Office for issuance of orders of left over promotion orders immediatly after getting orders modified from corporate offoce.

1.07.2010: Congrants to all comrades who got adhoc promotion to STS Group A.The officeres who got promotion in PB TO PB being in J&K will be remodified to J&K only as Circle office J&K has taken up the case with Corporate office New Delhi.

26.06.2010: It is notified that Circle Conference of J&K will be held on 26th and 27th of July,2010 at Srinagar. All the Divisional Secretaries, Branch Secretaries and Delegates elected are requested to prepare for the agenda points as circulated . The venue will be in Srinagar and intimated in short cource of time.

25.06.2010: C/S met GM(A)and got VC for all due for Adhoc promotion cleared even contacting their parent circle who came from out side circles. All cases for NTR and concerns were already confirmed sent to corporate office.

23.06.2010: C/S met GM(A) % CGMT J&K Circle regarding some issues.List of 17 persons of J&K for Adhoc promotion to STS is pending for VC.All cases have been reinitiated with respective SSAs for submitting their recomndation sheets by tomorrow . Morever S/Sh Gurcharan Singh, Satish Kumar, Resham Lal, Kashmir Singh, Sita Ram Sharma and Jeet Singh have been included in VC being from out side state for adhoc promotion. In Adhoc to regular, VC has already been cleared but CRs are pending. Sh Gulshan Kumar :2002-03 and 2003-2004 (Missing). Sh P.L. Koul; April 2007 to August 2007 and Sept 2007 to Dec2007(Periods not reviewed). Sh R.K.Gangoo 1-4-04 to 30-6-2004 ( Not Reviewed ).Sh B.A. Shah ;1-4-2004 to 13-7-2004,1-4-2005 to17-8-2005, August 05 to 19-1-2006 ( Periods not reviewed0, Sh J.D.Sofi March 2008 Missing, Sh P.A. Wani 1-4-04 to13-7-04, 14-7-04 to 31-12-04,1-4-05 to 19-12-05 (periods not reviewed), Sh Suresh Kumar Raina :March 2007 not avalible, Sh R.K.Saproo ; 1-4-06 to 30-9-2006 ( Not reviewed ), Sh Charan Dass : April 02 to Sept 02 Not Reviewed , March 2009 not avalible. Chitranjan Babu ; 2002 to2003, 2007 to 2008 not avalible, Sh Sat paul Goel 2002 -03 not availible and 1-4-04 to 31-5-04 not reviewed.E2-E3 orders issued. E4-E5 are under process and awaits approval of HOC. One year tennure implementation for post dates under discussion at Corporate office.Case already taken up with Director HRD.Case of SDE Sh A.V. Rama Roa SDE OCB Pulwama is under consideration on humantarian grounds.

03.06.2010:The honurable CAT Chandigrah in SC/ ST welfare association case has given the direction to bsnl to issue the orders as per roaster and follow the criteria of reservation policy . Next hearing is fixed for 13 August, 2010.

02.06.2010:Interactive session with AIBSNLEA JK, SNEA JK and JTOA G J&K Executive Associations was held in the Conference hall under the chairmanship of CGMT J&K Circle regarding issues concerned with the growth of BSNL J&K. All the old issues with status were again discussed with stress to recover from the trend of loss of revenue of J&K Circle. Improve stratgy in work culture, installation of CCN node with 18 positions at Bantalab with facility to entertain complaints through SMS,e-mail and voice, Commisioning of Project Udaan and Vijay shortly in all SSAs for customer related services, fixed monthly financial and operational targets , BTS down time related issues, post paid to pre paid conversion, implementation of Sancharsoft, launch of 3G services and CDR pertaining issues were POINTS OF AGENDA. CGMT J&K Circle instructed on spot all concerned i-e PGM, GMs and DGMs for implementation of the results of discussions in letter and sprit.

31.05.2010: Adhoc to regular STS DPC , vigillance recommendation sheet for Jammu SSA, Mobile Section and Udhampur SSA are pending and D/Ss require urgent action please. Adhoc STS officiating in J&K Circle vigillance recomdation sheetys have reached except SSA jammu DPC for E2-E3 and E3-E4 financial upgradation is complete and orders from HOC J&K expected within a day for those who have complete CRs. E5-E6 DPC under process.

31.05.2010:The petition is again filed by SC/ST welfare Association in Honble CAT Chandigrah for implementation of roaster as per critaria of reservation policy and hearing is fixed for 3rd, June ,2010.

26.05.2010: Spoke to DGM NTR JL and GM NTR Jl for release of 12.5 % incentive granted under letter from Corporate office ND for All India Service Catagory. Same got implemented.

24.05.2010: C/S and D/S Jmt met GM ( A) Circle Office at 1100hrs regarding some issues as detailed below: 1) Officiating in STS in J&K. Recommendation sheets for officers in the list is urgently required from different SSAS .All districtSecretaries are requested to persue and also for officers joined from outside.2) JAG finance officiating to regular CAO posts. 6 JAG post are sanctioned and two are working. It was requested to fill rest of the posts also as done by other circles which is agreed. 3)Circle Conference proposed for 28th and 29th, May 2010 has been deffered due to unavoidable cicustances.4) Case of Smt Mamta Raina AO has been re-directed to Committee for considering CRS one year prior as per rules.5)Implementation of one year tennure in Srinagar and Leh for all officers without considering date of effect which otherwise apply different yard sticks. The case is already taken up with Corporate office and necessary action is under way.6) Issuance of financial up gradation for E2 to E3 , E3 to E4 and E4 to E5 are under hectic consideration for left over cases. DPC for E2-E3 over and DPC for E4-E5 being done this week.7) Accomdation issue at Srinagar already under active consideration.

20.05.2010:The Honourable High Court J&K delevered the judgement and dismissed the petition filed by SC/ST welfare Association in Honble High Court J&K for All India DPC from SDE to STS . The copy of Judgement is awaited.

16.05.2010:The stay granted by Honourable High Court J&K to the All India DPC from SDE to STS in the Court case is listed for judgement on 20th,May, 2010 by Honble High Court.

20.04.2010: The stay granted by Honourable High Court J&K to the All India DPC from SDE to STS in the Court case was again heard today and arguements were completed on both sides. The judgement has been reserved in this regard by Honble High Court.

12.04.2010:General Elections and general body meeting was held for district Branch Jammu in Kachi Chawni, Jammu where new office bearers of AIBSNLEA Jammu Branch for period 2010-2012 were elected. Sk M.K.Kaul Sr AO Circle Office Jammu, Sh Puran Chand Thapa SDE Mobile BTS Jammu and Sh Jatinder Zutshi PA to GM(F) j&k were elected president, district secretary and financial secretary respectively in addition to other office bearers. A general body meeting was also held where C/S J&K also addressed the impressive gathering and apprised about the lattest developments at Circle and CHQ level.

09.04.2010: The stay granted by Honourable High Court J&K to the All India DPC from SDE to STS in the Court case was again taken up in the morning session but adjourned and listed for 20-4-2010 due to Jammu Bandh and Advocate BAR Association strike .

07.04.2010: Special Casual leave was sanctioned by CGMT J&K Circle vide reference to letter no 941-35/2009/Estt/14 Dated 7-4-2010 to Sh M.K.KAUL Sr AO Circle Office,Sh P.C.Thappa SDE Mobile BTS Jammu,Sh Jatinder Zutshi PA to GM(Finanace)J&K, Sh Suniel Kumar Bhat SDE Civil Jammu, Sh K.K. Malhotra DE COM Jammu,Sh Manvinder Singh SDE Electric Jammu,Sh Ajay Mahajan DE M/W Project Jammu.

03.04.2010: The stay granted by Honourable High Court J&K to the All India DPC from SDE to STS in the Court case was again taken up in the morning session but adjourned and put on board for 9-4-2010 as Honble Justice shifted this case for afternoon session and adjourned the house due to shortage of time after listening all suplimentary cases in the afternoon session.

30.03.2010: Notification for divisional Conference Jammu and election of office bearers for Jammu SSA for period 2010-2012 issued..

30.03.2010: An interactive healthy session regarding growth of BSNL J&K was held under the chairmanship of acting CGMT J&K Circle at 1500 Hrs on 30th March,2010 in conference hall % CGMT J&K Circle with United Forum comprising of AIBSNLEA, SNEA and JTOG Associations. AIBSNLEA was represented by C/S, O/S and Mr Boni DGM (F) Circle office JK.Some important issues like prompt decisions on files within 24 hrs, E-mail governance for all executive staff, Call centre at Bantalab,Improvement in customer services by applying some guidlines of last year slogan BSNL AT YOUR DOOR STEPS,monthly targets in different sectors for achieving over all 30% growth in new finacial year corresponding to only 12% growth of this finacial year, inventory for SDCA DODA and Kishtaward in Materia Management System, diversion of spare minilinks from Skc to Doda proper mtce of OFC Doda , Proper mtce of U/G Cables in Srinagar for good broad band services etc..

23.03.2010: The court case with respect to stay order on DE adhoc DPC in Hon'ble J&K High Court is listed for Saturday i-e 3rd, April,2010.

23.03.2010:Massive Dharna was held at Circle/SSA HQs. Hundreds of comrades attended the Dharna in all SSAs and were demanding immediate ITS absorption, no disinvestment, no VRS etc. At Circle Office J&K, comrades held dharna infront of GMTD Jammu Office in addition to Srinagar, Udhampur and Leh

23.03.2010: Issues pertaining to Srinagar division after delebration in Divisional Conference in the form of memorandum submitted to Acting CGMT J&K Circle by President AIBSNLEA J&K Circle at Srinagar.

23.03.2010: Congrants!Comerades patience and persevarance always come over the mountains. J&K Circle has been again made as a tennure Circle of two years period except Srinagar and Leh SSAs as a tenure station of one year duration vide corporate letter no 412-10/2009-Pers/ DATED 23.03.2010.

20.03.2010 : The court case with respect to stay order on DE adhoc DPC was heard in Hon'ble J&K High Court today but arguments could not take place in the absence of applicants advocate. Honble Justice waited for some time to call applicant advocate and latter adjourned all the cases as Honble Justice was to attend some important assignment . The case will be listed again in the next week.

19-3-2010: C/S and D/S Srinagar held meeting with GM (Admin)% CGMT J&K Circle regarding dispatch of pending ACRs of some comrades to corporate office for DPC purpose.Also some issues raised in Divisional Conference at Srinagar were also highlighted. AIBSNLEA J&K welcomed and congratulated GM Administration Circle Office for taking this new assignmet after resuming duties in J&K.

19-3-2010: C/S and D/S Srinagar held meeting with GM (O&M)% CGMT J&K Circle regarding some issues pertaining to Rajouri SSA for amicable solution.

19-3-2010:The stay granted by Honourable High Court J&K to the All India DPC from SDE to STS in the Court case was again taken up in the morning session but adjourned and put on board for tomorrow i-e 20-3-2010 as advocates of BAR Association suspended their court work for some issues.

18-3-2010:The stay granted by Honourable High Court J&K to the All India DPC from SDE to STS in the Court case was again taken up in the morning session and arguements were heard from respondent and Impleded Advocates but adjourned for tomorrow.

15-3-2010:The stay granted by Honourable High Court J&K to the All India DPC from SDE to STS in the Court case was again taken up in suplimentary session and adjourned for 18-3-2010 by order without argument.

09-3-2010: With regret to inform the sad and untimly demise of our vetern comrade Sh Gharu Ram who breathed last today morning.We all prayed to bestow peace to the departed soul and bear strength to family members for this irrepairable loss.

25-2-2010: The elections and general body meeting of District Branch Srinagar were held under the chairmanship of Circle President J&K. Sh G.R.Dar IFA/CAO Kashmir %GMT Srinagar, Sh A.H.Masoodi Sr SDE % DE OD Srinagar and Sh R.A. Tamili PS % GMT Srinagar were elected unanimously as president, district secretary and finacial secretary respectively in addition to other office bearers.C/S J&K also addressed the general body meeting and apprised about lattest developments with tremondous responce from membership. A colourful open session was held in the evening and GMT Srinagar as chief guest along with all DGMs of different faculities attended the session and was addressed by GMT Srinagar, President,C/S and other deginitories who focussed mainly on the viability of BSNL. Some issues pertaining to comerades were discussed and assured by GMT srinagar for immediate solution.

22-2-2010: The elections and general body meeting of District Branch Rajouri were held under the chairmanship of Circle Secretary J&K .Sh Rashmi Lal SDE %TDE BSNL Rajouri, Sh G.S.Bidawat SDE (HRD and Mkt) %TDE BSNL Rajouri and Sh Anil Kumar SDE % TDE Rajouri were elected unanimously as president, district secretary and finacial secretary respectively in addition to other office bearers.C/S J&K also addressed the general body meeting with tremondous responce.

20-2-2010:The stay granted by Honourable High Court J&K to the All India DPC from SDE to STS in the Court case was again taken in suplimentary in the afternoon session and adjourned for two weeks without argument. The case is impleded by AIBSNLEA and SNEA and has been linked.

19-2-2010:The stay granted by Honourable High Court J&K to the All India DPC from SDE to STS in the Court case was again put in suplimentary for afternoon and adjourned for 20-2-2010.

16-2-2010:The stay granted by Honourable High Court J&K to the All India DPC from SDE to STS in the Court case of SC/ST Welfare association was adjourned to Friday dated 19-2-2010 without arguements.

13-2-2010:The stay granted by Honourable High Court J&K to the All India DPC from SDE to STS in the Court case of SC/ST Welfare association is listed for 16-2-2010.


5-2-2010: The case at Hon. J&K High Court regarding stay for Adhoc promotion from SDE to STS cadre was heard with arguements today . The case was adjourned and ordered to be listed again approximatly in third week by Honourable Justice after filing the reply by BSNL advocate regarding juridictions of Honourable CAT.

30-1-2010: President, C/S and D/S Jammu met GM (Admin)circle office regarding some issues pertaining to pending financial upgradations, norms of DPC procedures , request transfers, issuance of orders who completed their tennures,updatation of gradation list of JTOs. The agenda was discussed and decisions were taken by GM (Adnmn).

30-1-2010: The stay granted by Honourable High Court J&K to the All India DPC from SDE to STS in the Court case of SC/ST Welfare association is being listed for 5-2-2010.

29-1-2010: The orders with place of posting in J&K shown for AO cadre (coming from outside J&K) have been issued vide reference to letter no 805-2/SRT/2009/43 Dated 28th Jan 2010.Smt Mamta Raina : GMTD Jmt, Sh Chiranji Lal : CGMT Office, Sh Parsu Ram : GMTD Jammu, Sh Vinod Kumar: Xen Civil Jammu, Sh Madan Pal :GMT srinagar, Sh Anil Kumar Sharma : TDM Udhampur, Sh Subash Chandra Sen :TDE Rajouri,Sh Madav Sharan Sharma :TDM Leh, Sh Ashok Kumar: GMT Srinagar.

29-1-2010: The elections and general body meeting of District Branch Udhampur were held under the chairmanship of our vetern Comrade Sh Baldev Raj Astt Circle Sec J&K .Sh G.N.HAJAM CAO %TDM BSNL Udhampur, Sh A.N.Tikoo SDE MIS %TDM BSNL Udhampur and Sh Bodh Raj JTO % DE NTR Udhampur were elected unanimously as president, district secretary and finacial secretary respectively in addition to other office bearers.Sh Fayaz Ahmed Kaul President and C/S J&K also addressed the general body meeting with tremondous responce.

29-1-2010:Circle President,Circle Secretary and Divisional Secretary Jammu held meeting with GM(finance)%CGMT J&K Circle regarding some issues pertaining to Accounts Cadre's postings , finacial upgradations, transfer cases and finacial viability of BSNL.All the cases were discussed as per the agenda and GM assured to resove all the issues.

28-1-2010: The case at Hon. J&K High Court regarding Adhoc promotion was listed for today but case was adjourned without arguements and listing probably in next week.


23-1-2010:General Body meeting of Srinagar Distt was held where Circle President J&K addressed the gathering.It was decided to hold the elections for Srinagar Distt which are over due.

21-1-2010: The DPC dates for Accounts cadres from JAO to AO,AO to CAO and CAO to DGM (Finance) are sheduled for 28th,29th and 30th January, 2010 respectively.

18-1-2010: The pending CRs dossier of Sh R.K. Gangoo, Sh S.C Bhakri, Sh Radhey Sham Sharma, Sh A.R.Bhat , Sh Ramesh Ji Kaw and Sh R.L.Matoo from J&K for the year 2008-2009 required for DPC from Sr SDE to STS at corporate Office has been persued with GM (Admin) Circle Office Jammu and are being sent immediatly.


12-1-2010: As per PTI: Concerned over deteriorating financial health and competitiveness of BSNL,a meeting was chaired by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh last week to review the performance of two state-owned PSUs - BSNL and MTNL. The government has constituted a high-level committee headed by Sam Pitroda, advisor to the PM with Deepak Parekh, a noted banker as the member of the committee. The committee would look into the issues and give recommendations within a month It will also be looking into BSNL's ongoing Rs 35,000 crore GSM expansion tender, which has raised eyebrows and controversies for around more than a year now.

11-1-2010: The stay granted by Honourable High Court J&K to the All India DPC from SDE to STS in the Court case of SC/ST Welfare association is being persued for listing with vacational Justice.

5-1-2010:Mass demonstration was held in front of main exchange gateand showed soliditary with CHQ.Organisational programme which was a great success.

4-1-2010: Orders for financial upgradation from Sr SDE to DE have been issued from Circle office after hectic persuation.Approvals by CGMT J&K regarding DPC for financial upgradation from Sr AO to CAO and AO to Sr AO have also been conveyed.


1-1-2010: The stay granted by Honourable High Court J&K to the All India DPC from SDE to STS in the Court case of SC/ST Welfare association was again adjourned today without arguments.The Hon'ble court is closing for winter vacation for approximatly one month from 3RD JANUARY, 2010.


31-12-2009:The following CAOs of J&K Circle have been Regularised from STS Ad-hoc of Telecom Finance / Promotion to the grade of CAO – Ch Nabi Hajam 87076 OC J&K, Kaul Surinder Kumar 82201 OC J&K. Three cases are pending for want of CRs.

30-12-2009:The following JAO of J&K Circle has been Promoted and Posted in the grade of Accounts Officer on regular basis vide BSNL Corporate office no: 3-41/2009-SEA-BSNL Dated: 30.12.2009. MAMTA RAINA 180282 OC J&K.And JAOs after promotion as AOs posted from other Circles to J&K Circle.Ashok Kumar 181095 OC RAJASTHAN to J&K,MADAV SHARAN SHARMA 181084 OC RAJASTHAN toJ&K,SUBHASH CHANDRA SEN 181065 OC RAJASTHAN to J&K, Anil Kumar Sharma 181063 OC UP (W)to J & K, Madan Pal 181061 OC UP (W) to J & K, Vinod Kumar 181054 OC UP (W) to J & K, PARSU RAM TEJWANI 181047 OC RAJASTHAN to J&K, CHIRANJI LAL KUMHAR 181038 OC RAJASTHAN to J&K.

29-12-2009: The stay granted by Honourable High Court J&K to the All India DPC from SDE to STS in the Court case of SC/ST Welfare association was again adjourned today morning.The case is again sheduled for hearing on 1st January, 2010.


23-12-2009: The stay granted by Honourable High Court J&K to the All India DPC from SDE to STS in the Court case of SC/ST Welfare association was adjourned .The case is again sheduled for hearing on 29th Dec 2009.

22-12-2009: The stay granted by Honourable High Court J&K to the All India DPC from SDE to STS in the Court case of SC/ST Welfare association was heard on 22-12-2009.The case is again sheduled for hearing on 23rd December,2009.

21-12-2009:Meeting was held with GM(Finance)Circle office Jammu regarding medical bills pending in Circle office for immediate disposal as the comerades are suffering badly. Case of Sh Gharu Ram DE (WLL)Jmt in particular was discussed.The DPC for financial upgradations due from JAO to AO, AO to Sr AO and Sr AO to CAO were also discussed for which committee has been framed and orders will be issued shortly.

19-12-2009:The date of hearing for stay granted by Honourable High Court J&K in SC/ST Welfare association case has been fixed on 22-12-2009.

18-12-2009:DPC for financial upgradation from Sr SDE to DE has been completed and orders are likely to be issued from Circle office after hecticly persuing the case with GM (A) Circle Office.

18-12-2009: Orders for Financial upgradation from SDE to Sr SDE has been issued vide CGMT J&K Circle letter no 804-26/11/2009-2010/SRTSDE-SRSDE/41 Dated 18-12-2009 for twenty two SDEs. Remaining six cases are under process.

16-12-2009: A general body meeting with mobile section Jammu was held and briefed about the delebrations of CWC Chennai.

11-12-2009: A general body meeting with NTR/NTP was held and briefed about the delebratios of CWC Chennai.SC/ST welfare association representaives were requested to come forward to honour the CWC directions for amicable settlement of the grievances.

7-12-2009:CS J&K Circle attended CWC held on 1st and 2nd December,2009 at Chennai Tamil Nadu. A colourful Open sesion was held at 1100 hrs on 1-12-2009 where in Honourable CMD was the chief guest. A hectic delebrations were held for viability of BSNL and HR isues in two days meet.The points raised from J&K : 1) Procedure for settlement of grievences in consultation with SC /ST association. CWC decided to get one or two representatives of SC/ST welfare association along with to CHQ for further discussion at CHQ level and fixing meeting with GM (Pers) at Corporate office to resolve the issue. 2)Regularisation of Remaining Adhoc STS which is pending due to court case for Engineering and for CAO to JAG, DPC is under process.3)Rlease of All India Promotion List JAO to AO has been finalised for 195 and shortly being released.4)Retention of all TTAs after passing out JTO competative examination in J&K Circle due to shortage of staff and is under cosideration.5) Jammu to be declared two years tennure instead of detenurising as measure of relief for comerades coming from outside. Case is to be discussed.6) Relaxation in LDC marks and corrections required to be accounted for in LDC Examination from JTO to SDET which is under discussion 7) Some special lucurative plans for BSNL J&K to counter the plans of other Service providers during prepaid to post paid conversion. The same under process.8) Declaring Anantnag and Baramullah as seperate SSAs for justification of staff as done in Jammu province.9) Shortage of AOs can temperarily be looked after by SDEs on non-sensitive posts.Under dicussion.10) Deputaion of AOs from other postal Deptts is opposed. Already case taken at CHQ level. 11)Pending PAs to be taken in Stonograffers grade with some relaxation. Case already at CHQ Level. 12) Fixing of benifits with effect from 1-10-2000 for civil and electric as done for other sections and promotions thereof.13) Absorption of ITS group A officers which completes on 29-12-2009.14) Proposals and modalities for NOFA under cosideration at DOT level.

27-11-2009: AIBSNLEA J&K wishes ID-UL-AZHA MUBARAK to all J&K BSNL families and wish for happy and prosperous days.

24-11-2009: The case for interm stay granted by Honorable High Court J&K for DPC of ALL INDIA PROMOTION LIST from SDE to Adhoc STS has been adjourned for next date of hearing due to lawyers strike call.

23-11-2009: The case for interm stay granted by Honorable High Court J&K for DPC of ALL INDIA PROMOTION LIST from SDE to Adhoc STS has been adjourned for 24th November,2009.

20-11-2009: The case for interm stay granted by Honorable High Court J&K for DPC of ALL INDIA PROMOTION LIST from SDE to Adhoc STS has been adjourned for 22nd November,2009 after brief discussion on juridiction of High Court to the notification of DO (P &A ) ruling for all cases of BSNL to be filed in CAT first.

18-11-2009: The special casual leave for attending CWC at Chennai has been sanctioned by CGM J&K Circle vide l;etter no 941-35/2009/Esstt/5 Dated 18-11-2009 for C/S and Circle president.

13-11-2009: The case for interm stay granted by Honorable High Court J&K for DPC of ALL INDIA PROMOTION LIST from SDE to Adhoc STS has been listed for hearing on 20th November,2009.

12-11-2009: A meeting was held with CGMT J&K Circle for consideration of the following issues: 1) Relieving of Sh OM Prakash and Sh Meena DE Kargil and DE CSD Jammu respectively who have overstayed at their respective tennure stations. Both the officers will be relieved after their joining from the leave. 2)Officiating in JAG after issuance of first list of regularised STS from Corporate office.Case of Sh T.S.R Anjaneyulu was taken up. The same is under cosideration provided availibility of JAG post in J&K. 3) Financial upgradation cases from AO to Sr AO are pending from 2004 in favour of some officer. DPC is under process and some clearifiacation is sought by GM (Finance) from Administrative section Circe Office. 4)Pay anomoly cases of some SDE pending when same is almost settled for all rest of the lot in J&K.The list already submitted and is under the active consideration of GM (Finance). 5) Guidlines for Strategy to be followed by Marketing Wing in consultation with Corporate office ND to avoid lose of prepaid customer base during conversion phase to Post Paid of BSNL J&K .This can be done by offering competative plans to overcome the lucurative offers from other service providers.The matter is already under discussion and associations have also to play a vital roll to delever the goods through comrades. 6) AIBSNLEA J&K Website can be helpful to communicate the targets and other issues of Circle Office through mass awareness among the BSNL employees for better growth of BSNL.The case is under active review. 7) The interim stay granted by Honourable High Court J&K in the DPC of All India Promotion List from SDE to Adhoc STS is getting delayed for fixing the date of next hearing after listing reply by BSNL. Hundreds of Officers are getting retired every month without promotion.Some amicable settlement in the case is required as well after thorough study of the case.The case was discussed in lenghth and breadth and assured to get it listed for hearing in next the week.

7-11-2009: The case for interem stay granted by Honurable High court in DPC from SDE to STS promotion is not listed in the comming week also and expected probably in third week of this month. We requested GM Admn J&K Circle to take appropriate action to ensure early listing of the case by BSNL in J&K High Court to initiate immediate action for early listing of the case to enable BSNL Hqs to issue promotion orders from TES Gr B to adhoc STS as early as possible and settle the issue amicably under rules.

28-10-2009: AIBSNLEA notified CWC Meeting at CHENNAI on 1st and 2nd December, 2009. All district / Branch Secretaries are requested to hold the district and branch elections immediatly where ever due so that Circle conference is held before Chenai meet.

26-10-2009: Listing of case for hearing in Honurable High Court J&K regarding stay in All India promotion from Group B to STS has not been finalised and is expected to come for hearimg in coming week only as per AD legal %CGMT J&K Circle.

24-10-2009: Sh R.K.KAUL GMTD Jammu is promoted in SAG grade. C/S on behalf of AIBSNLEA J&K CONGRATULATED him on his new assignment as PGM MOBILE J&K and assured full cooperation for healthy and efficient mobile services in JK.

22-10-2009: Comrade M.K ZUTSHI JTO Power Plant Main Exchange Building Kachi Chawni Jammu passed away on 21st October, 2009 after fatal road accident on Deepawali day. He was cosigned to flames today at 1000 hrs.AIBSNLEA J&K EXTENDS ITS TEARFUL CONDOLENCE TO THE BEREAVED FAMILY.

21-10-2009: Honble Minister of State for Communication and IT Sh Sachin Pilot visited Jammu and had meetings with DIT J&K, BSNL and Postal Department in Telecom Building Trikuta Nagar Jammu.All necessary feedbacks for development of IT and communications sectors in J&K were discussed.

20-10-2009: The reply of coporate office ND regarding stay granted by Honble High Court J&K for DPC of All India Promotion list from SDE to STS against the petition of SC/ST Association has already been filed in the Honourable High Court.C/S along with AD legal J&K persued for immediate listing of the case and is expected for hearing in comming week as per Asstt Solicitor General Of India J&K.

16-10-2009: AIBSNLEA J&K wishes a VERY HAPPY DEEPAWALI to all J&K BSNL families.

16-10-2009: CONGRATULATIONS ! AIBSNLEA?s persistent efforts yielded result in getting released the Order for Regular Promotion of 280 adhoc STS Executives [Telecom] to the STS equivalent grade in the IDA scale of Rs. 29100-54500/=. Comrade T.S.R.Anjaneyulu DE Mobile Jammu is the officer from J&K whom AIBSNLEA J&K extend warm falicitation.

15-10-2009: A Certified copy of the interim order issued by the Hon'ble CAT Ernakulam on AIBSNLEA?s petition on the matter of MTRR -2009 is appended below for the information and guidance of the members. The interim order is applicable to all executives at or above JTO/ JAO equivalent level desirous to apply for the post of Management Trainees, irrespective of age and qualification. This is a unique order obtained by AIBSNLEA only. No other Association or group of applicants could obtain such an order in this matter. The interim order granted to us is applicable to all executives throughout the country and all aspirants may please apply for the exam utilising this chance. GM (Pers) mentioned that the interim order issued by Hon?ble Ernakulam CAT in the case filed by AIBSNLEA has been implemented and the date of submitting application for MT exam is extended up to 23.10.2009. He advised that willing candidates may apply to their nodal officers immediately. He also mentioned that BSNL CO will try to get transferred the case in Principal Bench CAT, New Delhi.

8-10-2009: CGMT J&K Circle issued the promotion orders of seven SDE's / Sr SDE'S to officiate in the STS cadre vide reference to letter no 803-21/08/SRT/22 Dated 8-10-2009.

3-10-2009: CMD appealed to strengthen the Marketing and Sales units of BSNL so that BSNL services are sold through retailers to customers. He also impressed upon to improve the quality of service.

1-10-2009: AIBSNLEA consisting and energitic efforts has yielded the results. 60% areares of revised pay scale for BSNL Executives approved. Confirmation done by Comrade GS from GM Pers Corporate Office ND.

30-9-2009: Comrade C.L.Pandita DE Building Main Xge Building Jammu attained the age of superannuation today and was given touching farewell in GMTD office Jammu.Sh R.K.Koul GMTD Jammu in his farewell note recalled the meritorious service rendered by Comrade Pandita particularly in the lattest technology with dedication & loyality.All the participants wished him and his family smooth and peaceful happy retired life.

29-9-2009: CS met GM (A)% CGMT J&K Circle again and showed concern for slow process in vacating of stay granted by Honourable High Court J&K in promotion from TES Group B to STS group A.This is affecting the overall growth of BSNL and is to be dealt on merits for even SC/ST comrades also.So many officers are getting retired every month and humilated with out even two promotions in whole service period.This promotional policy got regularised and effective only after hectic and untiresome persuation by AIBSNLEA which should not go waste.

29-9-2009: Honourable High Court J&K adjourned the hearing of SC/ST Association stay in promotion from TES Group B to STS Groupm A to next week due to demise of one of the Honourable Justice of Honourable J&K Court.


26-9-2009: Date of hearing in Honourable High Court J&K has been fixed on 29th Sept 2009 for the petition filed by SC/ST Association and subsquent reply by Corporate Office ND regarding stay in promotion from TES Group B to STS Group A

25-9-2009: Reply from corporate office ND received regarding stay granted to SC/ST Association in promotion from TES GROUP B to STS and same filed in Honourable court J&K. Date of hearing likely in the next week

18-9-2009: ID MUBARAK

03-05-2008:- GS, FS attended and addressed the Circle Executive Committee meeting of J&K Circle at Jammu on 02/05/2008.Com GS replied all the queries made by the members. Open session was also arranged on the occasion in Hotel ASIA. Shri TR Wadhwa , CGMT J&K Circle was the chief Guest and Shri A.K. Kaul, GMTD, Jammu, Shri A.K. Mittal ,GM (Mobile), Shri Anupam Gupt, GM (Admin), Shri C.S.N. Murthy, GM (Development) Shri Jagdish Chander, CE( Civil) were the guest of honour. Com F.A. Kaul, Circle President and Shri R.J. Kaw, Circle Secretary in their welcome address discussed the Circle/All India issues .Com GS in his address apprised in details the status of HR issues and viability of BSNL. All the GMs also addressed the meeting. Com Thapa Branch Secretary Jammu extended vote of thanks.   The conference Hall of ASIA Hotel was jam packed.   

16-09-2009 CS had talk to Advisor- III (chq) on organisational matters.